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Your experience,
the world's benefit.

A powerful
value exchange.

Vast is the bridge between dreams and philanthropy. We offer a platform of remarkable experiences that support different global charities. Every day we deliver valuable and meaningful donations to causes that change the world, for good.


By connecting our partners with our donors, we’ve raised over $100 million for worthy causes — so far.

To change the world
one experience at a time.


We make it easy to raise funds
for good causes.


Bespoke Solution

Connect with a philanthropic team leader to understand experience goals and charitable causes personal to you. 

Unparalleled Access

Exclusive events, celebrity engagement, and tailor-made experiences that support charitable causes.

Personalized Service

Work with a white-glove experience manager to execute your booking process, A-Z.


Active Donor Network

Access to a community of vetted, affluent donors seeking unique experiences and philanthropic opportunities.

End-to-End Experience Coordination

Offline & completely private donor marketing and on-ground oversight with personal experience managers.

Express Fulfillment

Donated funds are securely transferred to charitable partners within 14 days of experience completion.


Turning moments
into movements.

We believe the greatest moments lie far beyond the conventional. For the past ten years, we have strived to bring those exceptional moments to life — producing and providing access to some of the most memorable events on record.

With a book of clients seeking quality experiences and a trusted partner network to make anything possible, we began to wonder. How can we create even more impactful experiences that people can enjoy in the “now” and also have the ripple effect of helping others around the world?

Vast was our answer. Our platform provides an easy way for those who appreciate an elevated lifestyle to unlock extraordinary opportunities that support important charities. We are now inspired every day to deliver exceptional experiences that are more than a moment but a movement.

a blurry view of a group of people with hands in the air and a person and on a stage in the distance a man with his hands in the air

We are forever grateful, for
without you, the positive impact we make would not be possible.

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